Strong Hotel Demand---India Macroeconomic Situation

May 31,2019


GDP growth in the past three years is about 8%. Influenced by the global economic situation, India's GDP growth in the next two years is about 6%-7%.

In the past three years, the per capita GDP has increased by about 5.5%, and the growth rate is stable. As the economy continues to improve, the growth rate of per capita GDP is expected to be faster in the future.

Nearly 11 million of the population is rich,less than 1%.

The middle class( Accounting for 23%)in India consists of white-collar workers, junior professional workers and civil servants. The average monthly income per person is 45,000-72,000 INR , including the number of family members, and the middle class reaches 300 million people, increasing by 8% annually.

The working class(Accounting for 63%) includes workers and farmers. Family Income 10,000-20,000 INR.

More than 100 million poor people(Accounting for 13%) have no source of income.

With the overall economic growth of the country, the younger, well-educated and motivated middle class population is expanding. This group of people is the foundation and driving force for India's domestic consumption growth and upgrading.